Getting to Know India in Full Colour

Getting to Know India in Full Colour

Icon November 10, 2016
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The Ideal Getaway:  India with the variety of life is always an exciting place for tourists.  Each day brings something new and unexpected.  Spread across the thousands of square kilometers is a culture that knows no boundaries.  With a wild choice of flora and fauna, there is never a dull moment in the lives of tourists visiting the country.  Added to all this is the numerous religious festivals and temple celebrations that magnify the country called India.  Most tour packages to India tend to take advantage of the cultural diversity that is so beautifully present in the land. The client may conveniently take advantage of the various holistic healing methods that is so prevalent in the country while on tour.  

Visiting the Golden Triangle:  An exciting and motivating tour of northern India that is what the golden triangle is all about.  Comprising of Agra, Delhi and Jaipur, which forms the golden triangle, a visit to India is never complete without covering these destinations.  Most tour operators start the tour at Delhi, where on offer are the sights that made India of yore.  The Humayun tomb, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Red Fort are all monuments that point to India’s past glory as well as culture.  A visit here would unfurl the marvelous history that was witnessed in these parts of the world.  The monument at Agra is what India is defined by, the Taj Mahal.  A world heritage site, this is a must view for all visitors to India.  The visit is to be capped with a visit to Jaipur, the seat of kings and princes.  Numerous palaces and stately buildings make up Jaipur. 

A Visit to the Beaches:  With the vast coastline that borders the peninsular India, there is never a dearth of beaches.  Most visitors do make it a point to visit a beach at some point or other during their visits.  Notable among them are the beaches in Goa. A relaxed atmosphere extends to the entire Goan coast during the summer season, when it would be hard to get a hotel booking.  A party spirit permeates the whole state during the tourist seasons.  Capable of catering to the paupers as well as the kings, Goa has it all in one place.

Wild Life Sanctuaries:  With a climate that varies from the desert heat to the frigidness of the cold highlands, India has it all on offer.  Thrown in between all these are some of the most picturesque wild life collections.  Most tour operators offer wildlife tours India.  From the Thar deserts to the Ghats, there is the right type of fauna for each wild life enthusiast.  Colorful yet diverse, the sights on offer are unparalleled in most parts of the world.  With close to a hundred national parks and over five hundred wild life sanctuaries, there would never be a shortage of sights to be taken in.  Most people tour the most popular of sanctuaries with multiple visits to the country, as a single visit would always be insufficient to take it all in. 

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